Consolidating Information and Analytical Department of Analysis of the Labour Market and Labour Migration
  1. The main objectives of the Department’s activities are as follows:

     - organization of effective work of the Department, coordination of information and analytical activities of departments, divisions and sectors of the Central Office of the Ministry in labour market and migration;

     - collection, compilation and analysis of information on labour market trends, level and structure of employment, creation of new jobs and labour migration for the leadership of the Ministry;

     - organization of collection and accumulation of information in traditional and electronic form for the analysis of the main areas of activity of the Ministry, its systematization;

     - coordination of formation of information submitted by the Ministry to higher organizations in the framework of statistical and other reporting.

     - preparation of the necessary information and analytical materials on issues of the labour market and labour migration on behalf of the Minister;

  1. The main tasks of the Department are as follows:

     - organization of single information and analytical support for activities of the Ministry and control over timely provision of information by departments, divisions and sectors of the Central Office of the Ministry;

     - conducting deep and comprehensive analysis of trends and structural changes in the field of employment and labour relations, the actual state of the labour market in the country and labour migration;

     - analysis of level and structure of unemployment and informal employment, including by examining reports from employment surveys and surveys among the population and employers;

     - participation in development of program for creating new jobs, rising employment aimed at introducing progressive forms of employment, taking into account demographic factors and economic development prospects, forming social protection programs, raising living standard and well-being of population;

     - within the competence, ensuring control over compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of labour and employment of the population.

  1. The main functions of the Department are as follows:

     - participation in preparation of proposals for improving the mechanism of state regulation of the labour market and labour migration;

     - participation in monitoring the state of the labour market in order to ensure the most complete and objective assessment of the level and structure of employment of the population;

     - preparation, within the competence of the Department, of proposals and materials in regional programs providing for measures to promote employment of the population;

     - evaluation of the results of activity and calculation of the effectiveness of the work of the departments, divisions and sectors of the central office of the Ministry;

     - maintenance of current documentation and preparation of documents for archival storage;

     - organization of work to improve the skills of the Department in the field of information and analytical work.

     - consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities, as well as takes the necessary actions to eliminate violations of the law on matters within the competence of the Department.