Project «Skills Development for a Modern Economy of Uzbekistan»

In order to further improve the system that is being developed,enhance  its material and technical equipment with modern one, as well as attract the best world practices of teaching professions based on skills, the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, together with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, are implementing the project "Development of skills for a modern economy" with the participation of the Asian Development Bank, on the part of the Board of Directors of which on December 11, 2020 it was decided to allocate a loan in the amount of 93 million US dollars for the implementation of this project.

This project is being implemented in accordance with the "Roadmap" for the implementation of the agreements reached during the visit of the President of the Asian Development Bank to Uzbekistan on November 13-14, 2019 and the business plan for the country between Uzbekistan and ADB for the period 2018-2021.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the relationship between the labour market and the vocational education system, improve the quality of vocational training for the unemployed and youth, improve the management of the vocational education system and promote employment.

The project will finance the equipment, reconstruction and renovation of 14 vocational training centers under the Ministry of Employment and 6 colleges and technical schools under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, as well as equipping a center for advanced training of employees of labour bodies, the National Scientific Center for Employment and Labour Protection and Institute for Retraining of Pedagogical Personnel of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The “Skills Development for the Modern Economy” project will help to increase the number of workers with skills that meet the needs of the market. The project will directly benefit at least 10,000 college students and 48,000 unemployed people (including 500 persons with disabilities), 600 teachers and apprentices, 100 managers and staff of selected Vocational Training Centers and Colleges, and 1,200 government employment officers. The project will directly benefit the development of the priority occupations covered by the project in sectors such as agribusiness and food processing, construction, ICT, textiles and clothing, and the repair and maintenance of machinery (i.e. agricultural machinery, automobiles and household appliances).

The project implementation period is 6 years (2021-2027). At the expense of ADB, it is planned to finance the purchase of educational equipment, software and equipping educational institutions in the amount of $47.4 million, consumables for organizing training for about 60 thousand people - $ 6.6 million, development of educational and methodological materials based on international experience with the involvement of foreign specialists, as well as training of local personnel - $ 9.3 million, consulting services and the involvement of foreign experts - $ 12.3 million, training domestic teachers and staff abroad - $ 4 million, labour and administrative costs - $ 2.9 million, etc.

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