Open data

Ochiq ma'lumotlarning nomi Ma'lumotlar bazasi formati
1 Management contact details and their reception hours xml csv json
   2 Information about the state and economic management body, local government authority (name, location, mode of operation, contact numbers for working with the population, official website, email address, name of the head, geography) xml csv json
   3 Information on subordinate organizations, branches and regional divisions of the organization (name, location, mode of operation, contact numbers for working with the population, the official website, email address, name of the head, geolocation) xml csv json
   4 Key Indicators of the Labour Market xml csv json
5 Information on existing vacancies xml csv json
6 Information on citizens' appeals in the context of the results of their consideration and channels of treatment (by phone, in writing, through the website, by e-mail) xml csv json
7 Information about the requirements for contracting for work abroad xml csv json
8 Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports of the Ministry xml csv json
9 Information on investment projects of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan xml csv json
10 Information on the conducted checks for compliance with labor laws xml csv json
11 Valid lists of benefits for working in adverse working conditions. xml csv json
12 Information on the labor market situation (Balance of labor resources) xml csv json
13 Main indicators of the state labor inspection xml csv json
14 Information on employment services by labor authorities xml csv json
15 Register of Competence Assessment Centers xml csv json
16 Register of private employment agencies xml csv json
17 Unified register of professional participants of the labor protection services market xml csv json
18 Information about reserved jobs (by territory) xml csv json
19 Regulatory acts on the activities of the State Labor Inspectorate xml csv json
20 Classifier of the main posts of employees and professions of workers KODP-2018 xml csv json
21 Available vacancies on the national job database of the Ministry of employment and labour relations xml csv json
22 Employed in reserved (quota) jobs xml csv json
23 Inspections on labor legislation conducted by the state labor inspectorate xml csv json
24 Register of centers for assessing the knowledge of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who travel abroad for employment xml csv json
25 Calendar of working days in 2022 xml csv json
26 Employment status of youth by labour authorities xml csv json
27 Information on public procurement, including goods (works, services) purchased by persons engaged in public procurement under direct contracts xml csv json
28 Expenses for official business trips and for the reception of guests who have arrived from abroad (the purpose of a business trip or visit, expenses for daily subsistence allowance, transport and accommodation (with the exception of state secrets and information intended for official use). xml csv json
29 Information about official motor vehicles, official housing and other immovable property at the disposal of state bodies and organizations (with the exception of things used in operational search, military and other special services). xml csv json
30 Gender distribution of lаbоr in the public sector xml csv json
31 About persons receiving unemployment benefits (surname, паmе, раtrопуmiс, date of birth) xml csv json
32 Persons receiving social benefits and financial assistance (benefits for families with children under 14 years of age, childcare allowance until the child reaches the age of two, financial assistance to low-income families and additional costs for the purchase of flour and stale bread) information on recipients of monthly paid compensation) and on recipients of unemployment benefits (surname, name and patronymic, date of birth) by region, district, city xml csv json