Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports of the Ministry

# The results of sociological survey on the study of employment issues, as well as the determination of the number of people in need of employment for 1 quarter 2021
1 The unemployment rate in Uzbekistan at the first quarter of 2021 amounted to 10.2 percent.
2 In March 2021, the Republican Scientific Center for Employment and Labour Protection of the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations conducted a sociological survey in 109 cities and districts of the republic, which covered 500 self-government bodies, 5,0 thousand households and 26,5 thousand citizens.
3 The results of the study showed that the unemployment rate among the economically active population of the republic was 10.2 percent. This figure decreased by 0.3% compared to 2020 year.
4 The number of people in need of employment amounted to 1 529,2 thousand people. The youth unemployment rate (up to 30 years) was 15.8%, the female unemployment rate was 13.7%.
5 According to preliminary data, the number of labor resources in comparison with the same period in 2020 increased by 1,1 percent and amounted to 19 277,4 thousand people. The number of employed in economic sectors activity of economic entities decreased by 0,3 percent or by 41,1 thousand people, amounting to 13 397,5 thousand people. The number of people employed in the official sector of the economy amounted to 5 706,8 thousand people, an increase of 1,6 percent, or 80,1 thousand people, compared to the same period last year.
6 In first quarter 2021, 281,2 people applied to district and city centers for promotion in employment for assistance in finding jobs. Of the number of applicants, 104,7 people were employed, 33,3 people were involved in public works, 78 546 unemployed people were trained to occupation and 78 293 people were assigned unemployment benefits.
7 In first quarter 2021, 51 730,4 million sums of subsidies were allocated to 24 187 unemployed people from the state Employment Promotion Fund.
8 In first quarter 2021, to vocational education institutions - to finance the costs of vocational retraining of 1 to 3 months, 948 unemployed people, especially citizens who have returned from Labour migration, girls and women from low-income families, allocated 683,1 million sums of grants
9 The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations continues to conduct regular surveys of the Labour market in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis, qualitative and objective assessment of the quantity and quality of Labour resources, as well as the effectiveness of measures to ensure employment of the population.