Project "Strengthening the social protection system in Uzbekistan"

The World Bank is currently assisting the Government of Uzbekistan in strengthening the capacity to strengthen and deploy state social support to protect the poor and vulnerable, as well as those temporarily affected by economic reforms. This project aims to achieve the dual goal of protecting the poor and vulnerable and preventing the worsening of the situation of the poor to poverty. To achieve these goals, the work was carried out in three components to strengthen social protection systems, increase the efficiency of labor market programs and develop a monitoring system.

This project recognizes the importance of environmental and social problems, which is solved using the Bank's new approach to the Standards of Environmental and Social Protective Measures (ESAs). Social risk is assessed as “significant”, and in order to control it, it is necessary to conduct a social assessment (JI) to form the project structure and develop migration measures to control social risks (especially to eliminate), minimize undesirable effects and increase positive results. Accordingly, the Government of Uzbekistan (Government) conducted a JI and developed a Social Management Plan (CSP). The tasks and components of project development are presented in the following sections as a description of the situation.