Information on requirements for a contract for work abroad

# Conditions of temporary employment in foreign countries
1 The selection and recruitment of foreign labor to work in the Republic of Korea is carried out only by a Korean employer.
2 Therefore, even if the test is passed successfully, sending candidates to Korea is not guaranteed. If the candidate has not been selected by the employer for two years and the employment contract has not been submitted, the citizen can re-participate in the preliminary testing in the Korean language.
3 Citizens who meet the above requirements must take part in the first stage of the Korean language test at accredited assessment Centers and get high scores in order to be included in the dynamic list that gives the right to be admitted to the EPS-TOPIK stage (for addresses of assessment Centers and other information, see the ads published on the site
4 For example, according to the Memorandum signed between the Ministry of employment and labor relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of employment and labor of the Republic of Korea, citizens of our Republic who want to work in Korea must pass a test in the Korean language during registration. For citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who want to pass the Korean language exam, the following requirements are set:
5 a) his age-18-39 years
6 b) knowledge of the Korean language
7 C) be healthy, and also distinguish between color (color blindness) and the absence of amputation of the finger
8 d) not be held criminally liable
9 e) not be deported from the Republic of Korea
10 e) departure from the Republic of Uzbekistan should not be restricted.
11 Citizens who successfully pass the first, second and third stages of the Korean language test are entered into the database by the Korea human resources development Service and stored in the database for two years. If a candidate is selected by Korean employers through this database, the employer sends the citizen an employment contract.
12 The agreement must include an employment contract and a guarantee of a work visa for citizens working for a foreign organization.
13 No other individual or legal entity is allowed to participate in the selection of a candidate included in the database by a Korean employer.
14 The unified database of the Ministry of labor and employment of the Republic of Uzbekistan for those who want to work abroad, provided that your data is fully filled in, is stored on the official website this will allow agencies that send citizens to work abroad to get acquainted with your data faster and get in touch with you.
15 Citizens wishing to work abroad can obtain information through the website in order to familiarize themselves with the conditions of employers.
16 Thus, if you want to get a job in the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Kazahstan and other countries through the Agency for external labor migration, the employment process is carried out differently, depending on the country and the relevant agreements concluded.
17 At the same time, the employer or its representative offers the type of work, salary and other social guarantees in the selection process. If the proposed workplace is acceptable to the citizen, and the candidate meets the requirements of the employer (language, professionalism, etc.), the citizen can be employed in the host country by agreement.
18 August 13, 2020 The Law No. ЗРУ-632 was adopted. “On amendments and additions to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan“ On private employment agencies ”.
19 Private employment agencies, based on contracts with foreign organizations authorized to attract foreign labor from abroad, can engage in employment of our citizens abroad (the list of licensed private employment agencies is regularly updated on the website
20 Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan can travel abroad for temporary work in the manner prescribed by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 725, dated September 12, 2018.
21 According to the Decree, citizens must travel abroad to work through private employment agencies that have the appropriate license from the Agency for external labor migration under the Ministry of employment and labor relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and directly from the Ministry of labor.
22 Citizens can be employed through Private employment agencies on the basis of Intergovernmental agreements and agreements with authorized organizations abroad, and their employment activities are regulated in accordance with the procedure established in the relevant agreements and agreements.
23 The process of employment of citizens in the Russian Federation is carried out directly by the employer or its representative.
24 In accordance with the Presidential Decree of March 5, 2018 "on measures to ensure the safety of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan during their travel by transport outside the Republic for temporary employment" no. PP-3584, the following preferences were introduced with the condition of registration in the electronic database Of the Agency for external labor migration:
25 - AKIB "Ipoteka Bank" has introduced a credit system in the equivalent of 1000 us dollars to cover the costs of transport and documents required for employment abroad through money transfer and loan repayment using international payment systems (Western Union, Contact, etc.) for citizens traveling abroad for temporary work.
26 - development of preferential insurance policies and provision of insurance services for citizens traveling outside the Republic for temporary employment of Uzagrosugurta JSC, Kafolat sughurta companyasi JSC GROSS INSURANCE and , available to them, as well as preferential insurance policies
27 - JSC "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari" and NAC "Uzbekistan Havo Yullari" from April 1, 2018 to provide citizens traveling outside the Republic with a discount of up to 20 percent on railway tickets in reserved and shared cars, as well as on economic (economy) class air tickets
28 By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 15, 2020 PP-4829, a system of safe, orderly and legal labor migration was introduced
29 by this resolution:
30 on the territory of Russia and the internal labor market, training centers for vocational training and foreign languages ​​for persons leaving for labor migration have been organized
31 were created representative offices of the Agency for External Labor Migration in the cities of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara and Ufa
32 From January 1, 2021, a procedure has been introduced for the issuance of microloans in the amount of 10 million soums for a period of 1 year to persons leaving for temporary work
33 temporary employment abroad is equivalent to activities that self-employed persons can engage in
34 It is planned to open a representative office of the passport and visa service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the provision of services for registration, registration and issuance of permits (patents) for temporary employment in this office
35 In order to protect the rights of citizens working abroad, agreements were signed with 17 legal entities in Russia, 4 in Kazakhstan and 1 in Turkey.
36 Cooperation agreements have been concluded with 32 Uzbek diasporas recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of employment and protection of the rights and interests of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Russia-24, Kazakhstan -6, Kyrgyzstan-1, Japan-1.
37 For citizens working in the Russian Federation, a hotline "1282" is open
38 Cooperation agreements have been signed with 154 potential employers and recruiting agencies abroad, Russia and Kazakhstan are noted as the main foreign labor markets