Republic of Uzbekistan Strengthening Social Protection Project


Terms of Reference for Procurement Specialist 


The government of Uzbekistan announced a broad market-oriented reform program, and since late 2016, the new administration embarked upon an ambitious economic modernization program to reinvigorate equitable growth for all of Uzbekistan's citizens. The Government started implementation of a broad market-oriented reform program, which included five priority policy areas: improving public administration and state-building; safeguarding the supremacy of the law; maintaining economic growth and liberalizing the economy; enhancing social safety nets; and ensuring security.

Strengthening Social Protection Project will support Government’s mandate and substantial efforts to strengthen, expand and consolidate social protection measures to support poor and vulnerable groups as well as those negatively affected by the economic reforms. The project consists of three components. The first component is aimed at assessing and rolling out the single registry and improving the effectiveness of social benefits. The second component will develop and implement a Labor Market Information System (LMIS), enhance the capacity of Employment Centers, and improve the effectiveness of selected labor market interventions. The third component supports project implementation and monitoring of quality of project operations. The project is to be funded by the World Bank’s IDA loan in the amount of USD 50 million. The proposed implementation period is 2019-2024.

Objective of the Position:

The Procurement Specialist (PS) is a full-time position in PIU. PS shall advise the Borrower’s and PIU’s staff on the WB procurement procedures, requirements, prepares and conducts the procurement activities under the project per the cleared Procurement Plan.

Scope of Services:

The Procurement Specialist shall:

• Ensure full compliance with the World Bank Procurement Regulations under the project as specified in the Financing agreement;
• Advise the PIU, the Project Coordinator and Evaluation Committee members on application of the World Bank procurement Regulations;
• Conduct the project activities related to the procurement, in particular, preparation of bidding/tender documents, issuing the bidding documents and solicit the bids duly, facilitate evaluation of bids; conduct selection of consultants, in particular, the preparation of the requests for expression of interests, request for proposals, facilitate evaluation of interests and proposals, bids, contract negotiations, monitoring of the signed contracts’ implementation.
• Plan of all procurement activities in close collaboration with the Borrower staff. Update or revise the project Procurement Plan as needed and regularly and as needed. Revise the PPSD as needed. Timely implementation of the Plan is indicator of good performance of the PS;
• Work with technical staff to monitor and update the schedule of procurement, Procurement Plan, as needed;
• Preparation of contracts with selected suppliers/consultants, including monitoring of the goods/services/works delivery in accordance with the schedule;
• Organize acceptance of the goods, customs clearance, and delivery of the goods to their final destination;
• Ensure that the goods are accepted, their quality and quantity are strictly in line with the terms and conditions, technical specifications stipulated by the contract, and invoices for actual delivery;
• Provide regular input to the procurement section of the Financial Monitoring Reports.
• Establishment and maintenance of the procurement database, keeping the procurement records and filing system duly;
• Coordination of timely delivery of goods by suppliers, execution of works by contractors and Consultants in conformity with annual work plans;

• Regular submission of regular procurement reports to the PCU Director including reporting the management on the procurement delays or contract implementation issues under the Project;
• Advising on the contract management and handling the contractual disputes.

Requirements for the Candidates:

• Education: Higher education on Engineering, Law, Business Administration or other equivalent degree in related area;

• Experience: At least 3 years of work in engineering, civil law or other procurement related area. Procurement experience and, particularly, experience of projects financed by the World Bank or other International Financial Institutions’ (IFI) and appropriate procurement guidelines and procedures is highly preferable;

• Skills: Knowledgeable in Engineering, Civil Works, Contractual Law and other related areas. Experience of Bayer for large amounts under the state procurement regulations is an asset;

• Preferable experience in applying the international procurement principles and practice like INCOTERMS, FIDIC, etc.

• Language abilities: Working level English. Russian and/or Uzbek is highly preferable.


The Procurement Specialist reports to the Project Manager/Coordinator.


The contract duration is for five years subject to satisfactory performance.

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