Human Resources Department

I. General Provisions

  1. This Regulation is developed in accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 20, 2018 No. PP-3913 “On Measures to Improve the Structure of Labour Bodies and Strengthening the Protection System of Labour Rights and Labour Protection of Citizens” and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 31, 2018 № 1066 "On measures to improve the activities of the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and defines the rights, duties and responsibilities of the personnel department of the Ministry of Employment and labour relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. The HR Department in its activities works together with structural divisions, departments and units of the Ministry, and subordinate organizations of the Ministry.
  3. The HR Department is guided by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the Chambers of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and other acts of legislation, orders of the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan , as well as these Regulations.

                                                               II. Main tasks and functions of the HR Department

    4. Main tasks of the HR Department include:

- preparation of draft documents on appointment for appointing and dismissal of employees of the Central Office and managerial employees, approved by the nomenclature on behalf of the leadership of the Ministry;

- selection and placement of personnel in accordance with their education, specialization, enterprise and personal qualities;

- formation of a reserve pool of personnel;

- organization and control over the work on advanced training and retraining of personnel;

- studying entrepreneurship in career growth and admission of specialists to the reserve pool;

- keeping records of employees and human resources records management;

- ensuring the rights, benefits and guarantees of employees determined by law;

- preparation of proposals for improving the qualifications of personnel.

     5. In accordance with the assigned tasks, the Department performs the following functions:

- selection and placement of personnel in accordance with their education, specialization, enterprise and personal qualities;

- control over the correct distribution of personnel in the ministry system;

- constant study of entrepreneurship in career growth and admission of specialists to the reserve;

- implementation and monitoring of work on the creation of a reserve, updating and staffing the composition of personnel;

- control over the observance by personnel of ethical rules and internal labour regulations;

- ensuring and monitoring employee compliance with labour discipline;

- planning, checking work on raising the qualifications and retraining of personnel of the ministry system;

- participation in the regular attestation of the staff of the ministry system for the post and the development of measures based on the recommendations of the attestation commission;

- identification of employees passing regular certification for position, preparation of draft order for certification, preparation of certification protocols, documents (certification sheets, recommendations) of employees undergoing certification;

- hiring, transferring to full-time job and terminating employment contracts, maintaining personnel documents based on the Labour Code, Regulations, Instruction and preparation of documents upon recommendation of employees for the State Awards;

- preparation of information about previous and present activities of employees and documents for retirement of employees for the provision to the state bodies responsible for the appointment of a pension;

- organization of work on development of measures for selection and placement of personnel and improvement of personnel management;

- ensuring maintenance and preservation of the “Workbook Registration Book”. Making appropriate records in work record (hiring, transfer to permanent work, termination of employment contract), organizing work on the timely return of work records to employees with whom the employment contracts were terminated;

- verification of compliance with the internal labour regulations;

- participation in work of internal security related to the activities of managers and employees of the ministry and system organizations, the organization of official checks;

- interaction with higher educational institutions in attracting graduates to subordinate organizations;

- ensuring reception of individuals and legal entities and consideration of their appeals in prescribed manner;

- implementation of other functions in prescribed manner.

III. Rights and duties

  1. The Department within its competence has the rights to:

require and receive from the subdivisions of the ministry materials necessary for the work of the department, necessary information and documents in line with procedures;

independently conduct correspondence on issues that do not require management decisions;

represent the Ministry in issues related to competence of the Department, in interactions with government agencies, other enterprises, organizations, institutions.

  1. The duties of the Department are as follows:

to comply with labour legislation and other regulatory legal acts containing labour law norms, local regulatory acts, conditions of a collective agreement, agreements and labour contracts.

timely carry out orders and instructions of the Minister.

to comply with the internal labour regulations, labour and production discipline, requirements for labour protection and labour safety, to comply with the established labour standards.

to take care of the property of the employer and other employees.

to carry out their activities in strict accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

IV. Responsibility

      8. The responsibility for proper and timely management of the functions provided for in these Regulations is the responsibility of the Head of Department.

      9. The Head of HR Department is personally responsible for:

organization of Department activities for implementation of assigned tasks and functions;

organization of operational and quality preparation and execution of documents, record keeping in accordance with the applicable rules and instructions;

observance by employees of the Department of labour and production discipline.

selection, placement and activities of management staff.

Responsibility of the Department staff is set by job descriptions.