The State Labor Inspectorate (hereinafter referred to as the Inspectorate) acts on the basis of the Regulation No. 1066 “On the State Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 31, 2018.


The structure of the State Labor Inspectorate in the Ministry is as follows: Head of Inspectorate, two Deputy Heads, four State Legal Labor Inspectors, two State Technical Labor Inspectors and the Chief State Expert on Working Conditions.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and departments of the National Ministry in the regions have positions of the Head of Inspectorate, two Deputy Heads, and 6 to 9 State Technical Inspectors for labor protection.

All district (city) employment promotion centers of the Ministry have positions of the State Legal Labor Inspector and his/her assistant.

The Order No. 197-ICh of the Minister of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 13, 2019 provides for an increase in the number
of city and district state legal labor inspectors of the State Labor Inspectorate under the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In order to increase the efficiency of the State Labor Inspectorate, the staff positions
of  Inspectorate have been increased in number, with the involvement of an additional 200 assistant inspectors.

In total:

- in district (city) 200 state legal labor inspectors and their 200 assistants;

- in the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and in all regions there are 14 heads of Inspectorates, 28 of their deputies and 90 state technical inspectors for labor protection.

In fact, 439 job positions were filled on 532 staffing tables. (82%)


The State labor inspector is an official who protects the rights of workers and employers working under an employment contract, verifies compliance with employment, labor laws, as well as labor protection at enterprises and organizations located within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, applies appropriate measures under labor legislation and participates in litigation in the interests of the employer and employees .

State Legal Inspector of Labor - is an official with a higher legal education, who simultaneously acts as a legal adviser in a district (city) employment center, verifies compliance with employment and labor laws at enterprises and organizations, and also takes appropriate measures regarding violations of labor laws.

State Technical Inspector for Labor Protection - is an official with a higher education who investigates labor safety issues, causes of occupational injuries and occupational diseases (accidents) and the conditions for creating safe working conditions, and also applies appropriate measures for violations of labor laws.

Chief State Expert on Working Conditions of the Republic of Uzbekistan - is an official with a higher education, who checks the quality of certification at workplace, conducts state expertise and applies appropriate measures in relation to violations of labor legislation.


A person with a higher legal education may work as a state legal inspector. The state legal inspector is also the legal adviser of the district (city) employment promotion center.

To ensure fast adaptation of state labor inspectors in work, the followings are carried out:

1) a two-week mandatory introduction and adaptation course in the framework of continuing education courses for employees of labor bodies;

2) secondment to the state labor inspectorate of the General Directorate of Employment of the region

In addition, the Ministry provides the followings on an ongoing basis:

 in-service training courses every 3 years;

 special certificates for inspections of business entities based on results of attestation;

 further certification of the employee once every three years in order to identify professional compliance and suitability to the position;

 the degree of legal qualification of legal inspectors, equivalent to the degree of legal officers.


The monthly activities of state legal inspectors of labor are as follows. State legal labor inspectors on a monthly-basis review in average about 29-78 complaints from individuals and legal entities. 16-45 of these appeals come from district (city) employment centers, 5-12 -  from the General Directorate of Employment, 4-11 - from the Ministry, and 4-10 complaints - from other organizations (mainly law enforcement agencies).

The state legal inspector regularly performs the following activities:

  • reviews from 3 to 10 appeals of law enforcement bodies (justice, prosecutors, courts) as a specialist and issues conclusions on the results of appeals;
  • imposes fines on 2 to10 organizations that did not provide a vacancy report;
  • participates in inspections of 1 to 3 budget organizations for compliance of their activities with labor legislation in accordance with the schedule approved by the Ministry;
  • provides a report on the work done for the month to the Main Employment Directorate by the 3rd day of each month;
  • files lawsuits in civil courts;
  • conducts 1-3 outreach events through round tables and media coverage;
  • participates in inspections when attracted by the Ministry;
  • conducts regular monitoring of forced labor and legalization of business entities.